Manuscript Bible Study

How to Study, Manuscript Style

READ & STUDY—Look for the W’s: WHO is involved | WHEN did it happen | WHERE is it happening  colored-pens-image-cleaned3| WHAT is taking place | HOW is it happening… then comes interpretation by asking… WHY questions regarding what the author’s message is about.

MARK IT UP!: Use colored pens and pencils. A four-colored pen can be very handy. Don’t worry about getting it perfect, just mark it!

Use the pens/pencils to draw: –Circles around places or people  –Boxes around whatever you’d like  –Underlines of key words/phrases –Clouds around words wherever you feel like it  –Identify change of scene, watch for contrast, repetition, key words, etc. –Put lots of NOTES in the right-hand margin and in between lines!

journalREFLECT, PRAY, ACT: How does what your reading and studying apply to you and where you are with God, others, etc.? Keep some kind of personal journal–say, on the backside of the manuscript. Use it to record your thoughts, prayers and new actions.group1

DISCUSS: Come together one-on-one or in a group. You’ll likely have a facilitator to lead discussion but no one is the expert. The goal is that each person in the group contributes their insights. If you’re quiet, please speak up, and if you’re too talkative… well… not so much!

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