Manuscript Bible Study

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There are actually some pretty helpful charts and explanations of how to study inductively here.


How to Study & Lead, Manuscript Style
This one-page guide provides an overview of how to study manuscript style for members of your group. It also provides a very brief six-step guide for leading a manuscript study.

Have you ever wondered what are all the different types of connections between thoughts in the English language. Wonder no more! Laws of Composition

Bible Study groupWhat follows are inductive Bible study tools. The inductive approach includes the steps of observation, interpretation and application. Here you will find the specifics of those steps and how you move through the inductive process.

Inductive Bible Study Guide
Condensed Inductive Bible Study Guide
(7-page version to pass out to small group members)

To go deeper the into the study process, especially for the discourse genre like Paul’s letters: Discourse Study Guide