Manuscript Bible Study

The Jesus Study Series


Flier for websiteFrom the eyewitness accounts of the people who knew him best. 

10 Weeks on Tuesdays starting April 3rd, Phoenix Inn, 850 Franklin, Eugene, 6:15 PM – 8:30 PM

For everyone: observers… skeptcs… learners… seekers… followers. The more, the merrier!

Here’s an ideal give and take environment for those who want to explore Jesus’ story. No prior Bible knowledge is needed here. Our interactive style puts everyone on the same level. We study and discuss one passage together each week.

6:15 Arrival: 15 min. to gather

6:30 DINNER: 30 min. to relax and eat

7:00 Intro: 10 min. to into. and read the passage

7:10 DISCOVER WHAT’S THERE in the passage Personal-15 min  Sm Grp-15 min  Large Grp-15 min

7:55 CONSIDER HOW IT RELATES to us  Personal-10 min  Sm Grp-10 min  Large Grp-10 min

8:25 Summary 5 min. to wrap up the study

Here’s the Guide we’ll be using:What They Saw in Him, COVER

The Jesus Study–68-page booklet, (34 pages, front-to-back). This pdf can be copied to a flash drive and taken (with the cover) to a local print shop like FedExKinkos. There it can be printed, folded, stapled with a cover affixed. YOU’LL RECEIVE ONE OF THESE AT THE TUESDAY STUDY.

The Jesus Study, Cover–Pdf cover (front & back) can also be printed (in color or black & white). The total cost, depending on quantity printed, is $5-6. The color cover is about a dollar more but worth it!

LOCATION for our GATHERING which includes DINNER

New Location, Phoniex Inn