Manuscript Bible Study

About is a work in progress. We’re looking for help from others who:

1) Have a love for learning from and leading manuscript Bible study.
2) Have a passion to see it used by Christians and seekers throughout the world.
3) Can contribute (not financially) to building the website resources and getting the word out.

Bill & TeresaBill & Teresa Syrios began this website. They are lay people from Eugene, Oregon with a background in manuscript study both on college campuses and within churches. They love the idea of offering free, downloadable manuscript and small group study resources.

But they’re not all that tech-savvy and have a small network for letting people know about this resource. If you some time to contribute to this endeavor please contact them. Thanks.

       Bill:  | Teresa:

This website is dedicated to Paul Byer, the father of manuscript study (see the “Click Here” and video to the right). We hope to honor and promote his legacy for those who would learn to delight in Jesus through the study of the Scriptures… manuscript style!

Let us know if you’d like a particular book of the Bible formatted manuscript style and we’ll work on getting it done. Regarding the images on title pages, we have sought to gain permission for their use but have not be able to find out who to ask in all cases. So some may be subject to copyright.